Every day we are following the news to see the development of the pandemic situation. It is difficult to predict all the economic consequences now. But it is obvious that the emotional support of employees and effective leadership are needed today for every business regardless of its size. The pandemic has boosted the digitalization of all business processes and the implementation of mobile applications as the majority of everyday communication has gone online. This tendency has become especially relevant for beauty salons, where a great number of people interact every day. And it is the right time to digitize your beauty business.

Why do you need a mobile app for your barbershop business?

COVID-19 took aback everybody on the planet, and businesses immediately faced the problem of customer retention. The social distancing affected our everyday communication, but, luckily, mobile applications were able to take on the lion’s share of everyday duties and tasks.

Mobile app builds a loyal audience. Digital solutions make the connection between your company and customers stronger. How do you get people to download and install the app? Just offer them exclusive offers or limited discounts to encourage them to install your app. The customers appreciate even regular communication support at these times.

Barbershop management software boosts your marketing strategy. The enhanced functionality of mobile apps allows beauty salons to better control user interactions compared to websites and get more detailed analytics. These benefits help business owners to personalize content more accurately and, as a result, implement better recommendation systems to increase conversions.

Push notifications help keep in touch with your audience. Push notifications are an affordable advertising channel. They eliminate the need for databases containing user phone numbers. Moreover, push notifications are more effective than emails, as they are always available to users, advising momentarily of any change in your work.

Online appointments. When we all are recommended to keep social activity to a minimum, the application will be a perfect tool to arrange an individual working schedule for every master. It will allow you to organize the work of your salon in a safer way for both your employees and customers.

Improved communication. The application is a powerful communication channel between the owner of the beauty salon, its staff and customers. Everyone will get instant access to online chat for clarifying any question. Timely information and feedback are the key factors of your business success.

digitize your beauty business

Where to get a mobile app for a beauty salon?

Modern web agencies can develop any software for your company from the scratch. But to avoid extra costs and pretty long time, you can choose a different path. And it is a ready-to-use barbershop app that can be customized to your business needs. Professional developers took into account all user scripts into one application, focusing on the major needs of the involved parties. This universal product includes a web portal for the business owner, a mobile application for masters and a mobile app for the clients.

Renting a barbershop app, you get three main things – speed, safety and efficiency. The software reduces the probability of errors, most of the operations are automated, and you maintain active interaction with your audience.

You become the owner of your software for as long as you wish, with the ability to add more individual features and functions. The developers will provide full technical support during the cooperation and all subsequent upgrades. Use your chance to go digital and increase the sales of your barbershop with an exclusive barbershop management software!