The coronavirus pandemic became a real threat to all business owners. Companies are transferring offices to remote format, hastily connecting delivery services or launching online mode. Nobody was ready for this economic downturn. But the sooner companies realize the seriousness of the problem, the sooner they will begin to rebuild. The current situation is the worst for local businesses that already experience profit reduction. And these are restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons that cannot transfer their staff to a remote location and fully provide online services. How to respond to this challenge?

Develop a loyalty program. It is a wrong approach to reduce the prices for salon services. First, the client may suspect that quality has dropped along with the price in the salon. Secondly, when the crisis is over, it will be difficult for you to return the cost of services to the previous level. That is why, it is better to offer savings to the client through interesting and profitable loyalty programs. These include accumulative discounts, comprehensive programs for the whole family, free services, discount cards for old customers. Loyalty programs are a good and often very inexpensive creative solution.

сrisis-management in a beauty salon

Put your beauty business online.

It is not easy to maintain the same level of communication with your customers in the conditions of the forced social distancing. And the mobile app for barbers and beauty salon can solve this task efficiently. Do not hesitate to digitalize your salon. Gone are the times when the implementation of a mobile application required huge financial investments and time. Today, you can rent a ready-to-use solution that will meet the needs of any beauty salon. You will get the software with panels for all participants involved in the activity: 

The application will be personalized, reflecting the main features of your brand. It will move online a lot of everyday barbershop’s processes. The interaction between owner, masters and clients can be handled exclusively in online space without losing its efficiency. This software will make your salon more productive, and customers will appreciate an individual approach. As a result, you will save a lot of money and, at the same time, enjoy all benefits of a modern digital solution. Moreover, you get full technical support and updates as a bonus.

Keep in touch with the salon team. It is important to maintain communication with masters, administrators, suppliers, partners - with all those who work side by side in the daily life of the beauty salon. The quarantine will end, and by that time, it is important not to lose what had been built before it. Ideally, this situation should even improve the relationship in the team. Fortunately, modern means of communication allow organizing individual interaction and arranging remote team meetings.

Do not forget about safety rules

  • Serve clients only by appointments, avoiding long queues and big crowds of people in the salon;

  • Clients and masters must try to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from each other where it’s possible;

  • Clients and salon employees must wear protective masks;

  • Reduce direct communication to a minimum;

  • The salon should have enough fresh air;

  • Scissors, chairs and other salon equipment must be regularly disinfected;

  • Hairdresser's aprons and capes should be washed after each operation, or disposable working clothing should be used as an alternative;

  • Ask the clients to wash their hands thoroughly, entering the salon.

Any crisis opens up new opportunities. And it is the right time to get the mobile app for your beauty salon.