Season slowdown is a problem that most beauty salon managers come across every year. Summer is a time of long-awaited vacations that immediately lead to recessions in the activity of clients in the beauty business. Even the most active salon visitors get tired of the city and disperse in all directions. But this situation can be handled if your salon uses the best barbershop software. Competent management together with marketing activities will help you to survive through the summer slump without losses. Here are a few tips on what you can do.

  • Plan your finances. A lot of barbershops rush to cut off prices in the hope to attract more visitors. But it is a completely wrong approach. Summer slowdown is not a new thing, so it is vital to get ready for it in advance. But an app for barbers to get all financial reports in one place, analyze them to see where you spend extra. This way, you will be able to re-plan your cash flow and made some savings for tough periods.
  • Refresh your menu. Once your usual services are not in demand, you can introduce seasonal services that people use during hot days. Summer is the right time to offer additional treatment to stresses hair and skin. People like relevant offers. And based on the customer feedback, you will be able to leave this new service in the menu. Do not forget to advertise this novelty. If you use barbershop management software, just use it to notify all your clients about the newly added treatment.
  • Revamp your loyalty program. It is wrong to think that everyone forgot about your salon. You can offer bundle packages to your regular customers. Offer a special rate for buying several services in one go. People appreciate the opportunity to get treatments they usually find too expensive to pay for. To remind your customers of yourself, come up with a new deal every week. It will make your clients follow your updates. Use a barbershop website or application to send push notifications to every person on your client base. 
  • Be active on social media. Approach your customers via your social network accounts. You can start with giving out some treatment tips, hold a contest for a free haircut for sharing your posts, and much more. The main idea is not to stay idle, use every chance to talk to your audience. It will also help you expand your reach.
  • Design an app for barbershop. If you have not done it yet, it the right time to design an app for barbershop. It will enable you to establish a direct interaction channel with your clients. Mobile application is very efficient as an increasing number of customers is trying to order goods and services through the phone. Moreover, an online appointment system will sort out the working flow in your salon with no effort. You will minimize such issues as no-shows, late arrival, and overlaps in the masters’ schedule.  The application will allow to creation of a database with all the records of customer visits. You will be able to remind everyone about a regular visit and advertise new services and styling products. It is possible to buy barbershop app template at a very symbolic price as you do not need to develop it from scratch today. It is enough to get a ready-to-use solution and customize it to your needs. This technological change will immediately boost your salon's performance.

How to Boost Business During the Summer Slowdown?

So as you see, summer should not necessarily be a slowdown period. Actually, it is the right time for a change. Competent management will help you prevent sharp seasonal decline. On the contrary, skillful marketing campaign can help you to introduce something new for your future growth.