The beauty industry is actively developing. Naturally, there is a need for clear classification of beauty salons. It is necessary for analyzing the target audience, drawing up business plans, and for correct investment distribution. A beauty salon can be integrated into a fitness center or SPA complex. Hairdressers, nail parlors, wellness centers and beauty shops are all different types of beauty industry businesses. Roughly, they can be grouped as follows:

Economy class

These salons are located in densely populated sleeping areas near markets, public transport stops. This segment does not imply parking and a distinctive exterior. As a rule, these are ordinary hairdressers. The interior lacks expensive design solutions, and the design is minimalistic. The salon area is designed for a maximum of three clients. Such salons offer a basic set of beauty services.

Business Class

You will find these salons close to business centers, supermarkets, restaurants in large business districts. This segment provides for the availability of parking for customers. The interior of the business class has an individual approach. The list of services includes all possible care procedures. This beauty industry segment is known for a high level of management and customer focus. The client is never kept waiting in such a salon.

Premium and elite class

Such salons are located in prestigious areas. And they can be recognized by high-status outdoor advertising and luxurious interior. Premium salons have a strict corporate style and an individual approach to each client. The list of their services is very broad, and the client can spend half a day or even more in such a salon.

classification of beauty salons

Beauty salon common features

No matter what salon class you are going to launch, there are some basic requirements it should have. The main driver of success is efficient interaction with your clients. That is, each beauty salon needs barbershop appointment software, regardless of its size. By digitizing your business, you get the following competitive advantages:

Your customers will instantly get all the latest information. It will allow you to promptly inform customers about new services, promotions, events via push-up notifications.

Efficient online appointment management. Your clients will be able to sign up for the service remotely, and the program will build a productive working schedule for each master.

You will get a powerful tool to grow your client base and increase sales of services and related products. Marketing tools built into the app allow your clients to share their experience in social networks, increasing your audience.

Improved customer service and the ability to launch a loyalty program. All clients like attention and want to feel special. Develop iPhone app for barbershop to give your audience more reward and uniqueness. This way, you show them why cooperating with your brand is beneficial.

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that the barbershop software implementation is not affordable for small salons. But it is no longer a case that you need to finance a costly and time-taking development process. It is enough to rent a barbershop app template and customize it to your salon. Reputable web agencies have extensive experience in providing tailored solutions for all types and classes of beauty salons. Digitizing your business is a fast and affordable step that brings drastic changes to your everyday business processes. Keeping up with technological innovations is the only proven way to stay in demand on the market today. And barbershop application is the right tool on the way to success.