Advanced technologies are becoming more accessible and being adopted in all spheres of our life. All businesses are trying to take advantage of these. Moreover, with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has gradually moved online. During the period of lockdowns and repeated waves of COVID-19, the digitalization of business is becoming more and more urgent. It refers to absolutely all industries, including beauty salons. If you are a salon owner, it is high time to build a barber app and implement barbershop software.


Benefits of digitalization for a beauty salon


The beauty salon has a large number of visitors, services and, accordingly, an expanded client base with a lot of information. And barbershop management software allows the most effective way to solve routine tasks of managing the client base and provides enough opportunities for salon performance analysis. Analytical reports will help identify weak areas and improve them.  


Personnel management is another important task of the digital transformation of a beauty salon. The specifics of salon work make it difficult for the administrator to promptly amend masters’ working schedules, analyze the working hours and correctly calculate the salary for each of them. But it is not an issue for an application that works according to a built-in algorithm.


The introduction of new technologies is the driving force behind its promotion. Its main advantages are:


  • Time reduction and productivity increase. You will enjoy these benefits as the result of automation of all routine processes of the company;
  • Optimization and improvement of interaction with your customers;
  • Development of a loyalty program and encourage customers to purchase more products;
  • The opportunity to improve customer experience and optimize the workflow.

So, for a beauty salon, it will be enough to design an app for barbershop to start digitalization.

barbershop management software

How to create an app for barbershop?


The development of a barber app is no longer a long and costly process. You can do it even tomorrow at a very affordable price. Everything has become much simpler than a few years ago. Web agencies offer a lot of ready-to-use solutions for the beauty industry. Your task is to study the market and select a barbershop app template that matches your needs and expectations. Such applications can usually be customized to your brand in the shortest possible time. You do not have to pay for individual development. Barbershop applications consist of several panels:  


Client application.  This is the app part that users download from the App Store free of charge. You will only have to launch a loyalty program encouraging your customers to install the application on their mobile devices. Via the app, they can easily check available time for appointment booking or reschedule previously booked visits, view booking history, buy gift cards and more. 


Barber panel. Your staff will have its working schedule automated, and as a result, salon productivity will grow. The barbers can receive notifications of new and upcoming appointments and minimize overlaps and no-shows. 


Business owner panel. Salon owners get an effective tool to manage and control the barbershop’s everyday work. The program provides salon performance reports and allows to improve it.


The application can be redesigned in colors and style, matching your salon. Moreover, you can always work on optimization – developers can add more features to the program once you ask for it. Digital optimization is the only way to business success in a modern environment.