The concept of a beauty salon in America is very broad. It can be a hair salon, a classic beauty salon, a nail salon, a tanning salon, or a massage salon. The most popular are classic hairdressing salons and full-fledged beauty salons that provide a wide range of services. Beauty salons and hair salons have the largest market share with approximately 250,000 operating salons across America and annual sales in the region of $ 20 billion. For a long time, the industry has been dominated by small private salons.

In all 50 states, hairdressers, stylists must obtain licenses to work with clients. The licensing process usually involves attending a specialized school and taking written and practical exams. Moreover, cosmetologists are required to undergo periodic trainings in order not to lose their license. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 700,000 people work as hairdressers, stylists and beauticians. But you will need not only a license to launch this business.

a list of documents for a beauty salon

Three ways to open a beauty salon in the USA

1. Opening of a franchise salon. This variant requires significant funds, but a famous brand name, reputation and advertisement will help reduce costs in the future.

2. Buying a ready-made, set up salon from the owners who decided to stop this activity for some reason.

3. Opening your own salon from scratch. This option will work well for those who are not afraid of hard work.

A list of documents for a beauty salon

Opening a beauty salon requires a whole bunch of papers from various authorities, namely:

  • State Cosmetology of Beautician’s License
  • Salon Retain Permit
  • Salon Business Operation License
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Certificate of Occupancy.

In addition to all these documents, it is necessary to have insurance for safety. If suddenly something happens to your client - the insurance company will take care of it.

Do not forget about barbershop software

The main factor in the success of any business is effective communication with customers. So besides paperwork, equipment and staff, you need to think of your business optimization. And a mobile application can help a lot. Gone are the times when such software was affordable to large companies only. The modern solutions offer a ready-to-use app that can be instantly customized to any beauty salon. Besides, you get technical support and continuous update for free. Automation of a beauty salon has undeniable benefits:

  • It creates a positive image and stable associations with the company, increases customer loyalty;
  • It provides detailed information about the salon, services and procedures with a price list;
  • It attracts new customers;
  • It tracks customer activity and receives feedback;
  • It reduces the workload on masters using online appointment feature;
  • It builds clients’ database and sends out reminders and push notifications.

Universal barbershop software is a multi-component product. It includes a panel for owners, a portal for barbers and an app for users. The owner will have access to all inner processes of the salon, the employees will save a lot of time due to the automation of their working routine, and the customers will receive a convenient interaction channel for free.

The modern beauty industry is highly competitive. And besides the necessary components such as documents and equipment, you should not neglect your business optimization. A well-organized beauty salon with a digital app motivates customers to share their experience of the quality of service and return to your salon again.