Internet technologies are on their rise today, and they are gradually penetrating into all spheres of human activity. People shop, communicate, and search for information predominantly online today. And the pandemic outbreak has significantly boosted this tendency. So even if you are running an offline business like a beauty salon, you should organize your presence on the Internet as well.  It is not enough to advertise it via Facebook or Instagram. A more efficient way to expand your reach is to design a barbershop website.

The price of the site becomes more and more affordable, and therefore many salon owners start promoting their services using barbershop software. On the Internet, you can not only advertise your products and services but also notify your current customers about new products, promotions, and offers and steadily grow your client base.

Why do you need to digitize the beauty business?

If you analyze the daily visits to your salon, you will see it does not exceed several dozens.  Once you create your own site, it will allow your salon to virtually accept thousands of visitors a day. On your site, customers will find all the information they need about you and your services. The working hours of your salon are limited because it is physically impossible to ensure the work of the salon around the clock. But the site can work twenty-four hours a day, without weekends and holidays. What other benefits do you get?

  • The site is a powerful means of communication. It allows you to create a portfolio of your works, visually demonstrating the skills of your masters. You can give a clear and detailed description of your services and prices. It is a convenient platform to keep your visitors up to date with news, discounts, promotions.
  • The site is an affordable channel for advertising. Customers are looking for feedback once they are going to buy a new product or service. You can give a possibility to your customers to leave reviews of your work. Such a guest book will become a powerful tool for widening your audience. Besides, based on this information, you will be able to improve the work of your salon.
  • The site simplifies the business routine. Everybody is trying to optimize everyday workflow and increase productivity. You can launch an online appointment system on your resource to make the interaction with your clients more efficient. This feature will arrange the working schedule and reduce no-shows and overlaps.

digitize beauty business

Build a mobile app for the barbershop

But the technologies do not stand still and allow people to remain mobile on the go. Today, a prevailing number of users access the Internet via smartphones. So the site can lose its actuality if it is not adapted to mobile devices. But there is a solution. You can build a barber app and sync it with your website. Today, this barbershop appointment software should not be developed from scratch. You can buy a ready app and customize it to your brand. As a result, you will get:

Client application. Your customers will be able to download the application to their mobile devices free of charge. Via this program, they can easily book an appointment and reschedule it, view booking history, buy gift cards, and more.

Barber panel. Your staff will have a fully automated working schedule and increase its productivity. The barbers can receive notifications of new and upcoming appointments and save a lot of time.

Business owner panel. Salon owners get an effective tool to manage and control the performance of the barbershop. The program allows generating reports and instantly reach staff and customers.

You can fully customize the app, showing your salon in a favorable light. This functional software will quickly promote your business and bring you a constantly growing income.