Each beauty salon provides a whole range of services. And successful salons are always customer-oriented. You can wait for potential customers who accidentally pass by to knock on the door or give them a price list, or you can create conditions for your business to stand out from the crowd. Customer reviews are a powerful instrument for growing and improving business processes. It is especially true when it comes to such a service industry as beauty salons. 

A prevailing number of your clients rely on reviews from other customers before choosing a product or service. Some customers will not trust a business without reviews or with a low rating. How to get the feedback about your salon? Mobile applications can help you a lot in this matter.

Why do you need customers’ reviews?

Not every client is satisfied after visiting the salon, but as a rule, they do not say anything to the staff. As a result, you will have one permanently lost client. Unfortunately, without timely feedback, salon owners are not able to fix the problem. Furthermore, if this client then leaves a review somewhere on the Internet, you will have no chance to correct or change it.

buy barbershop mobile app

But there is a solution to this situation. You can build a barber app to automate the process of collecting reviews. Now, you do not need to invest burdening sums in the app development from scratch. You can rent a ready-to-use barbershop software, the price of which pays off instantly.

Digitalization will bring you many additional benefits:

The mobile app will enhance the loyalty of your consumers. You can launch a customer loyalty program that will increase the frequency of visits and the average check.

You will get more reviews about your salon and masters. Encourage customers to leave a review after each visit and offer some promotion in return. People usually support such initiatives.

You will have a chance to react to negative reviews. It is vital for others to see how you react to any negative experience. And with the mobile app, you can spot all negative reviews instantly.

Easy engagement of new customers. The reviews will minimize the outflow of customers. The more positive reviews your customer read, the more chances you have to attract new clients.

Improvement of processes and quality of service. The ability of online appointments increases the number of records. The opportunity to use the online recording widget saves time and money.

You will better understand your customers. You will be able to see the history of visits and preferences of each client. It will allow you to introduce an individual approach to everyone.

Reduction of no-shows and delays. The app will send out push notifications reminding customers about their upcoming visits. It also makes it easy to cancel the appointment, and your managers will have time to replan the masters’ schedule.

Implementation of management system for barbers

One of the most crucial features of a mobile application is the direct interaction with the client on an ongoing basis. Being able to leave your own comments and read reviews from other customers is very important. The developers can add a live chat, where your staff will answer questions about the services provided in your salon. You only need to rent a ready-to-use software with the possibility to modify it to your needs. And then, it is up to you to decide what additional features to add or remove.

You may buy barbershop mobile app once, and it can work for years, providing both an influx of new customers and a high return on those who have already used your services once.