The coronavirus pandemic has caused serious damage to the beauty industry. Like all other businesses, barbershops, nail parlors and beauty salons had to adapt to the new work format. Everyone without exception had to go beyond the traditional marketing model and digitize communication with clients as much as possible. Internet presence is a must-have for a beauty salon. Nowadays, before booking a visit, people try to find out more information about the salon on social networks or search engines. They study the portfolio of works, read reviews, compare several options and only then decide whether to make an appointment with the master or not. And it is not sufficient to design barbershop website. Salon owners must go further and keep up with the latest technological developments - constantly upgrade barbershop management software and implement new services. Here are few trends which can fabulously transform the interaction with customers and boost your business.


Using AR/VR


These technologies have been actively penetrating in all spheres of our life, and the beauty industry is no exception. If you have ever used Snapchat, then you understand what augmented reality is. This digital technology superimposes information in video, text or graphic format on any object in the real world. An example of this technology is the popular Snapchat filters that add various facial features to the user. Many cosmetic brands already allow users to test their products via AR/VR. And beauty salons can also benefit from them. Customers can take advantage of these technologies to try on a new look – for example, see different potential hair colors in real-time before deciding to dye.


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Maximum automation – build a barber app


It is possible to manage salon processes manually, but it is very expensive. And salon owners begin to understand it. When you design an app for barbershop, it will allow you to:


  • Increase your brand awareness;
  • Automate most salon processes;
  • Get a direct communication channel with your clients;
  • Expand the geography of the representation of your brand;
  • Provide the target audience with easy access to online booking feature;
  • Promptly notify customers about special promotions, the launch of new products and services;

Build the client base and launch a loyalty program.

Salon owners are often reluctant to buy mobile app for barbershop, associating it with high investments. Actually, you can considerably save by purchasing a ready-made solution. There are many 


Launch multi advertising


Use the app to interact with other marketing platforms. This way you will be able to drive traffic to your website and social pages, as well as increase the number of downloads of the application from the Apple App Store and Play Market. You can do it in the following ways:


Create accounts in social networks. With targeting, you can effectively advertise your beauty salon on social media platforms. This will save you money and time and attract interested people who definitely need your services.


Use influencers. This approach will show that your salon is a popular place, and your specialists are reliable professionals in their field, a series of publications from bloggers will help create that image. Thanks to bloggers, you will be able to convey your message to a wide audience and increase trust in information.


In fact, these are only a few tips - there are many more marketing trends and effective strategies. Make the first step – create an app for barbershop. And then gradually implement various features that will improve your communication with clients. It will not take long for you to see the results.