No-show and last-minute cancellations are common in the beauty industry and have an extremely negative impact on business. A high percentage of no-shows and cancellations leads to the inability to predict and effectively manage the workload of the salon.

A no-show is a case when a client did not turn up at the appointed time. Unlike in retail sales, where the product can be bought at any time, the absence of a customer in the service segment is a lost profit for the business.

Each beauty salon has various tools in its arsenal that can reduce the number of no-shows and lateness of clients. But today, a booking app for barbers is the most effective instrument that allows you to significantly increase the punctuality of customers and sort out the inconsistency of the working schedule.
the benefits of automatic notifications

How to manage barbers and customers?

A beauty salon is serving a huge number of customers every day. And it is not easy to arrange a continuous and smooth customer flow only through an administrator. The human factor will inevitably bring mistakes and overlaps in the working schedule. Once you decide to digitize your barbershop, beauty salon, hairdressing salon or nail-art studio, you will reach several targets in one go:

  • It is fast. Your customers do not need to call the administrator to make an online appointment. It is enough to make a few clicks on the phone screen to see the free hours.

  • It is efficient. A mobile phone is always with us. It allows the customers to make an appointment from any location and at any time. Moreover, they will no longer miss reminders and announcements sent from your salon.  

  • It is comfortable. The application contains all the history of appointments and working processes. You have convenient access to the customer and master database as well as various statistics.

  • It is reliable. Push notifications instantly reach the customers reminding them about their appointments,  advising them of important information or any change in salon setup. This feature considerably improves communication and minimizes no-shows.

    booking app for barbers

Advantages of push notifications

Push notifications are short messages that an app sends to its subscribers on mobile devices. Such notifications redirect the user to the site that he has already visited. Usually, these are sent out to remind about the appointment, to announce new products and services or advise of a promotion in the salon. The notifications are much more efficient than contextual advertising or any other type of mass mailing. The technical capabilities of push notifications allow you to develop a more productive and user-responsive marketing strategy.

Digitize your beauty salon

The best thing about beauty salon applications is that you do not need to order costly development and wait for months for it to be implemented. You can get ready-to-use software for your beauty business even today. Developers offer versatile products with a set of key features for the beauty industry. All you need to do is to customize it to your brand. Moreover, you can add more features if you need it. You will also get full technical support and hosting from the service provider company. Thus, you get a full-fledged mobile app at a very affordable cost.

The ability to make an appointment online will increase customer loyalty, and a notification system will reduce the percentage of no-shows and late arrivals. Now you know how to increase sales in your  barbershop, order your application to test it in your salon’s everyday work. You will immediately notice the benefits of this software and enjoy the steady growth of your business.