Every day it becomes more and more difficult to surprise and retain a demanding client of a beauty salon as the market is overloaded with various beauty services. However, human imagination knows no boundaries, and new concepts and tricks for beauty salons appear every day. You just need to use the most successful ones to make the business recognizable and leave competitors one step behind. To make the salon keep up with the times and stand out from the crowd, you can resort to various moves: use an unusual interior solution, introduce unique services, build a barber app, and much more. And sometimes, the most interesting ideas lie on the surface and do not require any investments. Here are a few of them:


  • Several procedures at the same time. Everyone has a very busy schedule today. And you may offer several services in parallel. This concept originated in one of the most dynamic cities in the world, New York, and has become very popular among busy women. The key idea is to combine a few procedures – for example, nail treatment and hair dyeing. It will considerably save the time spent by the client in the salon. Experiment with such an offer by advertising it through your barbershop website.
  • Switch to barbershop appointment software. Modern technologies in the beauty industry are used not only to surprise and attract attention. Management system for barbershop can greatly simplify communication with customers. For example, the ability to book a visit online saves a client's invaluable time spent on calls, waiting on the line and finding out available dates. This feature is especially relevant for the youth, who are accustomed to gadgets and communication via the Internet. A client can sign up for your salon at any time just in a few clicks and automatically receive a push-up notification with a reminder. Besides, online registration optimizes the schedule of the salon: overlaps in the schedule of masters are eliminated, gaps are reduced, and idle time is kept to a minimum.
  • Non-standard working hours. You can also attract visitors to the salon by non-standard opening hours. 24-hour beauty salons are popular in big cities, where busy clients cannot find time to visit a salon during its usual working time. Experiment with this idea and inform your clients via barbershop software that on certain days you will work without stop. 
  • Create a unique opening hour sign. No matter how strange it may seem, you can also use this idea and turn it into a powerful marketing strategy. Even if this task sounds really primitive, it needs much attention to work properly. Your sign is the first thing a passer-by notices walking past your salon. So it must be really creative to attract attention, and at the same time, it should not be too bright not be repulsive. And you need to favorably combine color, size, and readability. The best approach is to develop it in style close to your brand and barbershop website in order to remain recognizable.


As you see, you can move in various directions. The above-described ideas are only a few of the dozens you can use to promote your beauty salon. Most ideas are very affordable. For example, you do not need to buy app for barbers development. You can use the ready solutions that various web agencies offer. It means you will rent an application and pay for a ready product that can be easily adapted to any salon.  The main idea is to approach this task with creativity and think out of the box when you are selecting ideas to promote your beauty salon. And it will surely bring satisfying results and drive your business.