The beauty industry is rapidly developing. At the same time, competition among beauty salons is very high. Companies are constantly inventing new optimization tools to stay afloat in the market as it is a number one task to attract and retain customers. SMS-messaging is one of such instruments that allows achieving the goal without huge investments. It is a popular method of communication with the client, which is used by many beauty salons. And it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to implement it as a part of a management system for barbers.

SMS messaging to beauty salon clients

Benefits of SMS messaging

Customers appreciate the attention. They may miss a lot of your announcements on social media, but they will rarely miss a personal message. Thus, the SMS method has many advantages:

Fast launch of an advertising campaign. It will take you several minutes to send out SMS to all clients in your database. All you need to do is write the text. The SMS provider takes over the delivery of messages and preparation of reports. Alternatively, you can send out push up notifications via a mobile app.

A high percentage of reading. According to statistics, 95% of people open SMS within 3 minutes after receiving it. And push up notifications are being read even faster – the users check them immediately upon receipt.

SMS is always at hand. If the client forgets the details of the offer or promotion, the message can be read again. It is an advantage over outdoor or audio advertising, the details of which are simply not stored in the memory.

Data collection. Unlike traditional advertising, SMS mailing is sent only to certain customers from the database, taking into account the customer's initial interest in the product or service. This data can be collected when registering on the site or when receiving a bonus card: the client fills out the questionnaire himself and agrees to the newsletter.

SMS messaging is a low-cost advertising channel. One SMS is rather cheap, so you will save a lot of money compared to traditional advertisements. And if you use push up notifications, it will be absolutely for free within the application.

How to build a barber app?

Many business owners put off the digitizing of their salons, thinking it will need high costs. Actually, you do not need to buy a barbershop mobile app at a crazy price today. You can rent a ready-to-use product at a very attractive price. Such solutions have a set of basic features required for a smooth salon performance. You get a multi-component instrument with an individual panel for all involved parties – business owners, masters, and customers. And then you only have to activate the features you need, including SMS or push up notifications. For this, you need to configure the sending of SMS messages to customers and employees directly in the application. To do it, select the template and time for it to be sent. You should have a client’s phone number and his agreement to receive sms. It is advisable to create an address book. Thus, you will not have to specify recipients, they will be saved in the database, and you will be able to add new customers, segmenting by interests, geolocation, etc.

Low-cost advertising campaign. SMS messaging for a beauty salon is an effective way to solve many management tasks at low cost. This approach is mutually beneficial: a salon gets a powerful tool to expand its reach and attract customers, and the client is always aware of new products and promotions. On the whole, automation will help you improve work efficiency, increase the number of returns to the salon and stimulate sales. It is a fast and accessible solution to support your business.